Engineer Maher Traboulsi presented a brief about Sustainability

As part of the Property Management Training Program held in Dubai on 1-4 November, Engineer Maher Traboulsi presented a brief about the impact and the need of Sustainability in the Real Estate Development. Maher is a co-founder and director of the Canadian Academy of Management and Technology (CAMT) and an expert in Project Management, Sustainability, and Green Buildings. He described the relationship between the disciplines of the real estate development, project management, facilities management and the importance of the sustainability management and the green buildings. Maher stressed on the need to reduce waste and to adopt energy efficiency strategies and the use of renewable energy in order to reduce the negative impact on our environment, to reduce the operating and maintenance costs and to improve the working and living conditions. CAMT offers full training courses in Sustainability Management/CSR, Greed Buildings and Project Management to their corporate clients and to the public.