With extreme passion and care we add real value for a great achievement

The Canadian Academy of Management and Technology (CAMT) incorporated in Toronto, Canada opened its first branch in Dubai, United Arab Emirates at the beginning of 2014.

CAMT offers short non-accredited courses in various fields including property management and real estate, project and construction management, sustainability, and other management programs.

Since its inception,The Canadian Academy of Management and Technology has determined specific targets to raise the quality of education in the real estate, engineering, environment and other management disciplines by providing the trainees with the latest knowledge and expertise and the best reliable training programs.

The founder and directors of CAMT look forward to transferring their long North American education and experience to the trainees in the region who are seeking to develop their skills and to acquire the latest technology that would help them improve their individual and corporate productivity or develop their career and business with great confidence.

We diligently select our qualified instructors, being University professors or experts in the particular field, based on our Academy high standards which were set to help us achieving our mission, vision and goals.