Our Instructors
Professor Monzer Hamwi
Professor Monzer Hamwi is a professional Real-Estate Consultant and Property Manager having over 25 years of experience in the field. In the year 2002 he was the first in the region to publish the first book about property management in the Arabic language, title "The Principle of Property Management" and which explains in details the scientific steps to manage properties. read more >>
Dr. Muayad Waheeb Jasem
Dr. Mouayyad Jassim Wahib is an economic researcher. He has authored several books, participated in various economic journals and played multiple roles at research centres. Dr. Jassim is a professor and speaker at few universities and colleges in the region, has filled several governmental positions, and participated in many conferences. read more >>
Keith Farndale
Keith Farndale is President of Procept Associates Ltd., a premier Canadian provider of consulting and training services since 1994, specializing in project management and business analysis. His own expertise is in engineering/construction projects, especially in the industrial sector. His own typical consulting assignments include: designing Project Management methodologies, developing guidelines and templates, facilitating project planning sessions, benchmarking project management practices, auditing specific projects, and designing and customizing Project Management training sessions for corporate customers. read more >>
David Fryer
David Fryer is a Dubai based Claims Manager and Claims Consultant with 35 years of claims experience. As a Chartered Quantity Surveyor, since 1972 having worked on many large claims in the Middle East, North and South America as well as the UK and Europe. David has a good knowledge of the Dubai Civil Code and FIDIC claims under Red, Yellow, Silver and White books. read more >>
Dr. Osama Al Kwifi
Dr. Osama Al Kwifi started his journey as a Biomedical Engineer, where he spent some time working for different medical companies. He has a master degree in Magnetic Resonance Imaging. He worked as a product manager at Medical Imaging Research Center at University of Toronto, where he got involved heavily in the process of managing innovations between academia and industry. In this position, he worked with a large team of experts to develop and test new imaging protocols across many research centers around the world. read more >>